How to Format Headshots for Presentations

powerpoint-tips-format-head-shots-1When you format multiple headshots to be used in presentations, it is important that you format them in a consistent manner. This is usually done when you ask for the headshots of several people from your company, your department or your organization.

It is but natural that they’d submit headshots of various sizes and formats. When you present them in a slide, it will look better if the headshots will look consistent.

It is not enough that you resize the photos to make them the same size but you will have to crop them in such a way that it will show the same kind of look — same amount of body, head and shoulders.

To find out more how to do this on a  step-by-step process, please head to this link: Format multiple headshots for consistency


How to Start a Speech the Right Way

grand-opening-banner-10540289Your opening line must be able to immediately grab your audience’s attention. Set aside the usual “My name is ________ and I’m here to talk about __________” kind of opening speech. This will surely bore your audience without fail.  There are a lot of ways one can deliver an opening with impact. Below are four of them:

1. Start with a quote. Of course you have to choose one that fits your topic and something that your audience can relate with. It helps if they know who the  quote is from.

2. Create a “what if” scenario. By painting a picture of possibilities, you immediately engage your audience. For example, say something like “What if I tell you that you can attain wealth beyond your wildest dreams?” A line similar to that will surely catch their attention and immediately engage them.

3. Use an “imagine” scenario. By letting your audience imagine something amazing happening to them, you immediately bring them into the presentation. This is similar to #2.

4. Ask a question – rhetorical or literal. By asking a question, the audience intuitively answers in their mind even if they are not required. This immediately brings them into the presentation as well.

For more insights about this matter, please head to: How to Engage Your Audience In Three Sentences or Less

How to Use Textured Background in PowerPoint

metal-grid-texture-small-wholes-pattern-shapes-36060593Artistic Effects is a tool used in PowerPoint starting with 2010 which helps convert shapes to images then later apply effects to those images to create a textured background effect making your slides look more interesting and engaging. For instance, you can do three things:

  • You can change color
  • You can soften
  • You can lighten or darken

To do this, check out this link: Create a quick texture background

Speaking of changing colors, you can use black & white textured background images for infinite flexibilityA beautiful background is one that isn’t too striking. After all, the focus of your audience should still be on the content. The background should just add interest to the overall look of your presentation. Having a black & white texture can offer you much flexibility.

To find out more about this, head to:  Use black & white textured background images for infinite flexibility


3 Ways to Close a Speech with a Bang

close-up-end-vintage-book-13037813Closing your speech properly is as important as your opening remarks and delivering a thought-provoking body of presentation. You can’t just engage them during your storytelling and then end everything abruptly or with a bland one-liner thank you speech. The closing part is the last impression you will leave with your audience therefore it is important to make it count as well.

Below are tips on what you can do to make a killer closing for your presentation or speech.

1. A Direct Call to Action – The closing of your speech should be able to tell your audience what you would like for them to do next.

2. A Call to Vision – Create a mental vision of the future and motivate your audience to work towards it.

3. A Call to Question – Leave your audience with a rhetorical question that will make them think.


To get more insight on how to end your presentation or speech with a bang, head to this link: How To Close A Speech That Brings Your Audience To Their Feet 

Train and Teach When Presenting

school-teacher-logo-26558652Do you train people? The you must know that training involves persuasion. When we train people, we sway them into whatever it is we are trying to sell or advocate. The opposite is also true. Persuasion also trains and therefore teaches. Why is this so?

Isn’t it that when we sell something, be it a product, a service or a belief, we tell our market the benefits they will get from buying it. Or if we are proposing something and we want the approval of your boss or client, we need to tell them its value. So this means that when presenting what we have to them, we also teach and train them.

To give you a better idea about this concept, please head to this link: Presenting = Communicating = Training



Tips to Make Presentations More Appealing

funny-number-14924076When you make presentations with lots of numbers and tons of data, they usually make your audience go to sleep. So how can you make these kinds of presentations more exciting or at least less boring? Below are some awesome tips:

Spread the Spreadsheet 

This means giving each important data its own slide. This way, your audience is not overloaded with information on just one slide. Though this technique makes your presentation longer, it keeps your audience focused.

Have to Graph? You Have Options

If you really can’t help showing a spreadsheet of data, know that you have options. You can use unique styles to present the information (Refer to  Pareto DiagramDot PlotYe Olde Circle GraphScatterplots)

Visual Aid

Inserting a vivid image at the background will help cement that number data in your audience’s mind.


By giving a background story for instance to the excellent profits your company made this year will make those numbers more memorable for your audience.

By doing these things, number presentations become less boring and even more appealing.

For more insights on this matter, please check the following post: Make Presentation Data Less Boring


How to Create a Video Zoom Effect in PowerPoint

busy-people-zoom-effect-train-station-creative-32208573It is not only in MovieMaker that you can create this effect of zooming in a photo or series of photos, but you can apply this to images uploaded in PowerPoint as well! You can use this for your personal collection, for your company, an event, etc.  Here are the basic steps below:

  • Import, resize and place the images - You can insert the images one by one or use PowerPoint’s album feature. Then resize the image/images according to your specifications then place them on the slide.
  • Add animation – Use the Grow/Shrink animation.
  • Add transitions – The Fade transition is a good one.
  • Set slide timings – Set the slide timing in such a way that the whole presentation will run by itself.
  • Add music or narration – Having the appropriate music at the background will add to the overall feel of the slide.

To know all the details of each step, please head to this link: Create a video zoom effect from photos in PowerPoint



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