Use Photos with Vignette Effect

Using photos in presentations is effective when done right. More so if the picture has a certain effect that is pleasing to the eyes. Isn’t it nice to use an image with a vignette effect?


It is very easy to do this in PowerPoint. Here are the first few steps:

  1. Insert a rectangle over the image.

  2. Right-click and choose Format Shape

  3. In the dialog box or task pane (depending on your version of PowerPoint), in the Line section, choose No Line.

  4. In the Fill section, change the color to black or dark gray. I used a very dark gray.

To learn about the next steps, please head to this link: Create a vignette effect to make a photo more powerful

How to Rotate Objects in PowerPoint

rotation-arrows-vector-drawing-represents-design-39279669Do you know how to make simple object rotations in PowerPoint? It’s actually very easy.

Just use the object’s rotation handle around its middle to drag an object where you want it to go. Once you’re satisfied with how the object looks, then just release the mouse button and that’s it!

You might ask:

  • How about if I need a common angle?
  • What if I need a specific uncommon angle?
  • What if I need to get the exact angles?

You can find out more about how to do these things in PowerPoint by going to this link: Rotate objects precisely

Set the Exact Position of an Object in PowerPoint

ruler-to-measure-to-know-18665805To those using PowerPoint slides in their presentation, do you know how to precisely specify the position of an image or object? Maybe you’d say that it is easy because usually, it is. But it is only easy when you know where to find the settings.

Most of the time, PowerPoint users would want to specify the position of an image so that images on adjacent slides would be in the same place and it won’t look like you are jumping from slide to slide. There will be uniformity in the slides and the entire presentation would look flawless. 

There are two usual solutions on how to do this:

1. Copy and Paste

2. Use a Ruler

However, there is a third and best solution for this which is to:

3. Specify the Exact Position

By doing so, you can now match the exact positions of two objects or easily set the position of 1 object.

To know more about how to do this, please head to: How to specify the position of an image or object on a PowerPoint slide–precisely

How to Create Beautiful Images on Your Slides

stack-photos-film-blank-34130269Images are very important on presentations. They catch the attention of the audience and help keep them engaged. However, not all images have this kind of effect. But if you use image treatments and know what kind of image treatment to use, then your chance of creating a wonderful and engaging presentation increases. Here are ways to make your images beautiful:

1. 3-side Rule – This is when an image touches at least 3 sides of a slide.

2. Isolated Image – This is using an image with similar background as the slide.

3. Snapshot Treatment – This is when you need to include several images on a particular slide

4. Images in SmartArt – This is when you use small images on SmartArt diagrams.

These are just some of the most captivating image treatments best used on slides. To know more about them, please head to: A complete repertoire of image treatments



Cropping Images in PowerPoint

croppingCropping pictures in PowerPoint can be great tools for presentations and slides especially if you want to end up with an exact measurement or you want to fit  an image into a predefined space.. Here’s how you do them in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. It’s pretty easy:

  1. Rich-click the image and choose Size and Position. The Size and Position dialog box opens.
  2. On the Size tab, use the Crop From boxes — Left, Right, Top, and Bottom — to crop off the amount you need. Use the Height and Width boxes at the top (in the Size and Rotate section of the dialog box) to figure out how much you need to crop off.
  3. To see the result, click the Close button. You’ll probably need to make a few adjustments to get the result that you want.

For more detailed instructions, please head to:  Crop a picture by an exact measurement in PowerPoint

How to Get People Images for Your Presentation

peopleWhen making presentations, there are times when you need images of people to complete your slide or the story you are conveying to your audience. Below are four useful places where you can get these people images for your presentation:

Take your own photos – Whether you’re in the office or at home, you’ll always find people you can photograph. Ask them nicely and when they oblige, let them fix themselves up first.

Use silhouettes – PowerPoint has an image gallery for this. Use the photos there to show diversity.

Create icons – There are ways to do this in PowerPoint. Read this blog post to learn how: Create iconic people in PowerPoint

Buy photos – There are numerous sites online that sell photos you can use for your presentation if you have a budget. Try out

For more insight on how to go about getting people images for your presentation, please head to: 4 ways to get the right people images