Another Great Tip When Using PowerPoint

Did you know that here are 101 advanced techniques that PowerPoint users ought to know about? Yes, and they are all very crucial to having great presentations. One of which I find very useful is this tip below. It’s simple and easy to do, yet not a lot of people know about:
– Properly selecting among overlapping objects
We often make use of numerous objects on our PowerPoint slides. When it comes to selecting which one to use or edit, time is wasted when we can’t seem to click on the right object, and click the text box instead. So how do we do this?
– Select any of the objects then press the Tab key. PowerPoint will then select another object. Just continue to do this until you get to select and edit the object you want.

Instead, select any object and press the Tab key. PowerPoint selects another object on the slide. Continue to press the Tab key as PowerPoint selects object after object until the object you need is selected.

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Shiny PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Using PowerPoint presentations has become very useful in the last decade and will continue to be in the coming years. If you’re looking for tips on how to make your PowerPoint presentation look shiny and awesome, head to Ellen Finkelstein’s blog post: Getting a shiny Web 2.0 look in PowerPoint-Part I: Reflections

On this post, Ellen explains how to create two styles on your PopwerPoint presentations namely:

  1. How to add reflection
  2. How to add highlights

Both will make your presentation or sites (if you choose to apply them on one) look more professional and credible.

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Two Steps You’ll Need to Craft a Great Presentation

Nick Morgan shared on his podcast the two important and crucial steps presenters need to take note of so they can make great presentations that will resonate in the hearts of the listeners and the audience. To summarize the two steps, they are:

  1. Craft an elevator speech.
  2. Think of Maslow’s Hierarchy .

To know more, head to Nick Morgan’s post: Crafting Great Presentation

10 Tips on How to Deliver Your Speech with Impact

I came across these 10 guidelines on how speakers and presenters can deliver their speeches or speak in public with impact. Two of these tips struck me the most and here’s why:

1. Don’t move all the time

Personally, whenever I’d give a speech, I always like to move. Even when I am simply interviewed by someone, I like doing tons of hand gestures. True enough, when I watched recorded videos of my talk in school or in our company, I find the hand gestures and unnecessary movements distracting. So this tip is really an eye opener.

10. Smile

My face is not a smiling face. So it’s really an effort for me to consciously smile while delivering that report or positive speech.

Find out what the other guidelines are and learn how to deliver your own speeches with impact here: Delivery Guidelines for Speaking with Impact

Twelve Simple Steps to Better Public Speaking

I recently came across a blog post by Diane DiResta which tells us twelve simple ways on how we can be better public speakers. Let me share the first six steps with you:

  1. Read books and articles.
  2. Listen to podcasts.
  3. Attend toastmasters.
  4. Register for a public speaking class.
  5. Get a coach.
  6. Attend National Speakers Association.
The first three steps help speakers and presenters gather pertinent information which they can also use in their own speeches and presentations. Steps 4 to 6 help one get professional lessons on how to really go about public speaking.
You can find the rest of the steps here and let me know what you think:  Make a Promise to Be a Better Public Speaker