Improve Your Performance With These Gestures

body gestureThe way we move and position ourselves can have a huge effect on the way we think and feel. Try these few body gestures and see how it helps you.

Cross Your Arms to Solve Problems

Crossing your arms will make you solve problems better. So if you are stuck with a problem, do this and see how determined you get in solving that problem of yours!

Lie Down to Be More Creative 

When you are lying down, you become your most creative self according to Australia National University professor Dr. Darren Lipnicki. Now who doesn’t wanna lie down and do that? Try it!

Smile to Reduce Stress

When you smile, you signal your brain that whatever it is that you are doing, you are doing it with ease. Try it!

These are just three ways you can apply to help improve your performance. More here: 11 Body Positions and Gestures That Can Improve Your Performance