3 Tips to Becoming a Better Speaker

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There are still so many things you can do, so many things you can improve on to become a better speaker. For now, here are three:

  1. Say this phrase over and over and put it to heart: “Thank you for you time. It has been my honor and pleasure to be here today.” Say it and really mean it. 
  2. Skip memorizing your speech word for word. Do an outline instead. Take the message you want to convey to heart. Break down your speech into chunks.
  3. Have others record you as you do your speech so you will know what areas you need to improve on.

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Things to Remember When Creating a Table from Excel to PowerPoint

powerpoint-tips-excel-table-on-slide-1There are several things you must take note of if you want to create a table from Excel to PowerPoint. These are:

1. Make sure the table is readable. If there is too much data, divide them into several slides or just give them out as handouts.

2. Use the Title and Content layout for polished look.

3. If it’s a simple look you want or you’re in a hurry, use the Title Only layout and simply copy and paste the excel table in there.

For more details on how to create table from excel to PowerPoint, please head to this link: Create a table from Excel data in PowerPoint

3 Components of Presenting

can-do-3d-words-positive-attitude-confidence-24550504The three components below are vital to creating impact in your presentations. Make sure that you practice them.

1. Confidence: It doesn’t matter how many audience there are. A public speaker must always exude confidence when in public. This adds to his/her credibility and professionalism.

2. Knowledge: As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”. As a speaker, you should always have something relevant to share to your audience. He or she must know the ins and outs of the topic at hand in order for the audience to see him or her as a person of authority.  

3. Delivery: Don’t overwhelm the audience with the amount of information you show them but rather make them understand your message in a meaningful way that they can resonate with.

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Five PowerPoint Tips For You

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????PowerPoint is a wonderful that presenters can use to make their presentations more effective. Below are five tips you can apply when using PowerPoint in your presentation:

  1. Make sure that the images you use stand out. They should be relevant which means they support your goal and the message your conveying to your audience. This way, they can easily remember the lesson you’re teaching even long after your presentation is done.
  2. Go for simplicity. The more simple the slides, the better. Avoid using complicated graphs and charts as well as long texts.
  3. Make sure that your audience knows the meaning of the acronyms and difficult terms you use.
  4. Make sure your audience can resonate and relate well with your audience. Don’t just use general photos. If you are talking to a group of teachers, use photos of different schools they know or pictures of the campus where they teach.
  5. Use high resolution for your photos.

These are just five PowerPoint tips. There are more where these came from. Please head to this link to find out more! 30 Helpful Tips for Using PowerPoint


Use PowerPoint in Creating Quizzes

quiz-word-red-d-letters-to-illustrate-exam-evaluation-assessment-to-measure-your-knowledge-expertise-44060147One way to create quizzes is to use PowerPoint. This is done with the use of hyperlinks. It’s pretty simple and easy. You don’t need any programming and you also can’t grade it. What happens is that the quiz taker will take it in Slide Show view and when the wrong answer is chosen, the taker will just go back to the question. But when the right answer is chosen, the taker hen goes to the next question.

Here are the basic steps that you’d need to take:

  1. Create the slides.
  2. Create the hyperlinks.
  3. Disallow clicking to the next slide. 

To find out the details on how to do this, please head to this link: Create a quiz in PowerPoint


The Best Times to Use a Neutral Face When Presenting

children-facial-expression-28913150Facial expressions are non-verbal expressions and non-verbal expressions comprise most of how we communicate with other people. However, there are times, when a neutral facial expression is best used in order to communicate well with your audience especially when presenting. Here are those times:

1. When answering a question especially one that is confrontational or argumentative, you would want to keep your cool to show that you are in control of the situation. This further shows credibility, maturity and professionalism.

2. When someone gives the wrong answer to a question so you won’t embarrass the person who gave the wrong answer and will encourage others to answer your question.

3. When you are motivating your audience to give different perspectives and opinions.

Remember these three instances. They are the best times to use neutral facial expression. To get more insight on this matter, please head to this link: 3 Places To Use A Neutral Face In Your Presentations