How to Make a Post-It Checklist Graphic for Your Slides

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Do you use checklists on your slides? If you’re the type who creates slides that talk about lists with X number of items, then you might want to come up with a checklist graphic just to make it more pleasing to the eyes.

One example done by Ellen Finkelstein is a post-it checklist. Of course you can come up with other images. In her blog post, Create a checklist graphic in PowerPoint, she mentioned getting sample photos for free at But if you already prefer the post-it checklist graphic, she will teach you how to:

1. Get the Post-it® note
2. Add the checkboxes
3. Add the checkmarks and numbers

Head to her post now and find out more!

How to be Persuasive

keyboard-yes-button-key-red-apple-36272413We all have to sell something at some point in our life. We don’t have to be sales people to do this. Even as presenters and speakers, we have to be able to sell the ideas we are trying to convey to our audience. So how can we be persuasive?

There are seven things persuasive people always do that you might want to imbibe. Here are a few:

1. They Are Purposeful You don’t have to win every battle. By arguing and advocating less often, and doing so when you really have to and with power, that’s the time they become more persuasive.

2. They Listen … and Listen … Then Listen Some More By listening more to the people they are trying to persuade, they will understand better where they are coming from and from there be able to attack the situation in a more subtle yet persuasive manner.

3. They Create a Connection Because they have an emotional stake to the people they are convincing and because there is common ground and shared objectives, they are easily able to persuade the people concerned.

To know more about the seven things persuasive people always do, please head to: 7 Things Really Persuasive People Do

How do you make your slides the size of your paper?

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This is a new idea by Ellen Finkelstein for people who only print slides, meaning, those who use presentations that never get projected on a screen.

It is still best to use PowerPoint because its layout is easier to use than Word. You can easily place charts and images here as compared to Word. This is because PowerPoint, is a graphics program, making placement easy.

Here is one idea for switching from the usual landscape slide size to a vertical and bigger slide size:

Create a custom layout that includes a title, a text placeholder and another placeholder that can contain an image or a graph. Start with the Two Content placeholder, duplicate it, and then make adjustments.

For more information on how to do this, please head to: Do you present with printed slides? What if your slides were the size of your paper?

Use a Blank Slide for a Powerful Presentation

blank-projector-canvas-office-shot-40629971Do you use PowerPoint slides when presenting? Have you come up with a powerful technique to distinguish your talk from the ocean of PowerPoint presentations you show your audience?

Well, this post is all about that powerful technique. There is that one unique slide you can use that presenters oftentimes overlook —the blank (blacked-out) slide used at critical moments.

Below are three ways you can use this blank slide:

  1. Start your presentation with a blank screen – this way YOU become the first impression of your presentation and not your slides. 
  2. Blank the screen during your presentation – this will make it feel like you’re having an intimate moment with your audience.
  3. End with a blank screen – the closing of your presentation is the last thing your audience will hear. By ending with a blank screen while you give your closing remarks, your audience’s focus will once again be directed towards you. 

For more insight about this, please head to:

Superior Presentations 75: The Most Striking PowerPoint Slide to Include in Every PowerPoint Presentation

A Sample of Literal Death by Powerpoint

death-sitting-bench-isolated-vector-illustration-37620386Read this post which is in response to “Did PowerPoint Ruin GM?”

The most important thing here is what the GM Presenters said:

“The report details confusion among the engineers and executives over what was in the slides, which slides were presented and which were not.

“One engineer told Mr. Valukas he did present the slide. Three other executives at the meeting said they didn’t recall fatalities being discussed. Others who attended the meeting said they didn’t learn about the deaths until later.”

Remember: Poor communication is always the fault of the communicator.

Read the rest here: Stupidity, lies and coverups = literal Death — by PowerPoint, or not?

How to Improve Presentation Skills of Your Sales Team: 5 Tips

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Do you have a sales team that needs to improve their presentation skills? If you want your Sales Team to keep improving in terms of their presentation skills, below are five tips they can apply:

  1. Plan for continuous learning: This will keep them focused which will make them achieve their goals more.
  2. Pair up for progress: Let your team do the buddy system. Working in pairs can make them become more creative in helping each other become better presenters. They can challenge each other and encourage each other to be better presenters.
  3. Use audio and video: Let them record themselves via audio or video so they can see and hear for themselves how they did it and from there criticize their own work so they can do better next time.
  4. Develop a resource file: Have a collection of stories, facts, metaphors, facts, examples, humorous comments, statistics, etc.) as well as final thoughts that members of your team can use. Share the wealth so to speak to ensure consistency.
  5. Use regular staff meetings: This is where feedback sessions can be done. This way, people can learn from each other’s feedback.

To know more about this, please head to: 5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Focused on Improving their Presentation Skills

Points to Consider When Presenting

business-woman-presenting-copyspace-isolated-white-background-37924053Below are things you have to consider when presenting. When you apply them, they will surely help improve your presentation delivery.

  1. Lights: Keep them on so that you can see your audience and they can see you well.
  2. Don’t read: Simply don’t do it. It would make you seem like you’re not ready to present.
  3. Interact: Act as if you are conversing with your audience.
  4. No lectern: It is better to stand on a stage without a podium.
  5. Eye contact: Make eye contact with your audience while you’re speaking.

These are just five tips. There’s more! Head over to this link to learn about these excellent tips: Presentation delivery tips for the greatest impact

How to Enhance Your Presentation Writing

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Below are 5 ways you can do to bolster the way you create content for your presentation. Read on…

1. Be Active

Make sure that the sentences you use are in active rather than passive form. It’s more straightforward and will be appreciated more by your audience.

2. Be an editor

It is important to convey your message in the most concise way possible so as not to bore your audience.

3. Try Three

This means breaking the main ideas of your presentation into three categories.

4. Kill cliches

The purpose of this is to maintain integrity in your presentation and not appear dated.

5. Break a Rule (Just Not These Ones)

Take a risk with your writing through a little creativity. People always enjoy seeing something new.

For more insight about this, please head to: Five Ways to Strengthen Your Presentation Writing