3 Simple Tips to Conquering Fear of Public Speaking

deep-fear-businessman-21515111 (1)No matter how many times I I’ve already shared  tips with you before on how to help overcome your fear of public speaking, it doesn’t hurt to know some more. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned speaker/presenter, below are three ways you can add to your repertoire when preparing to speak in public:

1. Focused Relaxation – Find a quiet place where you can sit and relax and just focus on your breathing. Just breathe in, breathe out. Don’t think. Count your breath until you reach 500.

2. Contemplating the Shadow – This is all about balancing a certain paradox – that in public speaking, you are both the center of attention and the least important person in the room.

3. Opening Your Senses – Be in the moment. Experience the present. Allow yourself to open up sensually to your surroundings.

To find out more about these three amazing tips that can help you overcome your fear of public speaking, please head to this link:  Focus and Mindfulness Exercises for Fear of Public Speaking

Use SmartArt for Better Visual Presentations


Ever since PowerPoint 2007, SmartArt has already been available. Presenters use this when they want to convert bulleted text into a diagram to make the slide presentation more appealing and less tiring to the audience.

art-18296697What SmartArt does is basically turn the slide into a visually attractive graphic rather than a boring page full of text.

Some options that one can do to slides with a lot of text are the following:

  • Delete the text, add a useful graphic, and just speak out the text
  • Divide the slide into 2 or more slides
  • Edit the text to reduce the number of words

When these options are not enough anymore, then one can turn to SmartArt. PowerPoint showcases a lot of SmartArt configurations and layouts. You won’t run out of designs to choose from.

To examples and to get more information on how to use SmartArt, please check this link: My latest SmartArt faves


How to Customize Objects for Presentations

powerpoint-tips-customized-slide-objects-1When presenting, do you use objects on your slides? Are you able to portray the image you want using custom objects? Presenters or PowerPoint users oftentimes use custom objects to make their slides more interesting. It gives more meaning to the whole presentation and makes it more engaging for the audience.

When you use objects on your slides, you can customize them to the extreme using these two ways:

1. By combining shapes – you add two objects together
2. By using Bézier curves – so you can make them look like anything you want

Typically, you make custom shapes to show exactly what you want your audience to see. To know more on how to do this, you can see examples as well as the steps on how to go about it on this post: Customize slide objects to the extreme


3 NLP Tips to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

deep-fear-businessman-21515111NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and below are three key concepts from this discipline that will help any public speaker, whether old or new, overcome his or her fear of public speaking:

Become Friends With The Part Of You That Is Scared – Instead of resisting that part of you that is scared, get to know it better. Why is it scared? Is it because it just wants to do a good job and deliver a perfect speech? Then work on it. Once you know why that part of you is scared, then you can start to relax with yourself.

Focus On What You Want – Whatever thoughts you repeat to yourself, your unconscious will eventually believe it. So focus only on good thoughts and what you want to achieve as a speaker.

Awareness Of Your Mission As A Speaker – When you know your purpose for delivering your message, your message will be more important than your fears. So focus on what your mission is instead of on the judgments of your audience.

To know more about this, please head to: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

How to Create Beautiful Images on Your Slides

stack-photos-film-blank-34130269Images are very important on presentations. They catch the attention of the audience and help keep them engaged. However, not all images have this kind of effect. But if you use image treatments and know what kind of image treatment to use, then your chance of creating a wonderful and engaging presentation increases. Here are ways to make your images beautiful:

1. 3-side Rule – This is when an image touches at least 3 sides of a slide.

2. Isolated Image – This is using an image with similar background as the slide.

3. Snapshot Treatment – This is when you need to include several images on a particular slide

4. Images in SmartArt – This is when you use small images on SmartArt diagrams.

These are just some of the most captivating image treatments best used on slides. To know more about them, please head to: A complete repertoire of image treatments



Love Your Audience by Making Them Fall for You

heart-hands-28907416The season of love is not just for lovers. Even presenters can show their audience some love through the following tips:

  1.  Warm Up – by smiling, being friendly, creating rapport and making your audience feel welcome and comfortable.
  2. Start with a Hook. – Make your opening remarks catchy and attention grabbing rather than the usual “I want to talk to you about…”
  3. Make It About Them – I’ve mentioned it time and time again that presenting or public speaking is not about you (the speaker or presenter) but about your audience. So make it about them. Make it worth their while by telling and showing them the benefits they’ll get by attending your presentation. Match their level of energy. Be like them and they will like you in return.
  4. Find the Funny – Humor always makes people feel good and when they feel good they participate and engage themselves more. 
  5. Engage – Do this by telling your story, asking them questions and letting them participate.
  6. Build Anticipation – Do this by introducing a new idea to your audience but don’t give them all the answers just yet. It’s like teasing them. It will keep them on their toes.

For more insights on this matter, please go to this link: How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love With You

PowerPoint Tips That Make You Work Faster

powerpoint-tips-work-faster-2Are you the type of presenter who uses PowerPoint most of the time? If so, are you aware of some things you can do in order for you to work faster in PowerPoint? Below are some awesome tips you can take note of to cut the hours it takes for you to make your PowerPoint presentation.

  1. The ribbon is often the slowest way. Use the toolbar instead.
  2. Right-click is your friend. It quickly gives you the results you want.
  3. Love your keyboard shortcuts. This is by far the fastest way to get the job done. 
  4. Customize the Quick Access toolbar. This is the one at the upper left of your screen.

How about you? Are there techniques you do to make yourself work faster  when doing PowerPoint presentations? For more information on this, please head to this link: Work faster in PowerPoint


How to Use Transmedia to Engage the Audience

business-woman-making-presentation-notebook-27320225These days, speakers can use cross-media platforms to help increase the impact of their speeches, stories and presentations. Below are 7 ways speakers can leverage transmedia to make  their audience more engaged, this helping them grow:

1. Create a series of comics to help unfold the story of your main characters. You can put up on online comics series where your audience can keep learning by subscribing to it.

2. Develop an assessment based on your expert content.  You can generate a QR code that will take your audience to the assessment and include it in your printed materials to distribute during live presentations.

3. Create an animation or a scenario-based video to illustrate one of the main points in your presentation.

4. Use art, illustrations, and props to present your ideas.

5. Develop a blog series based on your expert content.

6. Design physical artifacts based on your presentation content, such as postcards, bookmarks, stickers, pins, and calendars with your quotes.

7. Collect brief opinions, testimonials or comments from your audience by using video-sharing applications, such as Instagram or Vine.

To know more about this, please head to: 7 ways speakers can use transmedia to grow and engage their audience