4 Tips to Overcome Fear of Impromptu Speeches

impromptu-team-meeting-1980224Speaking off the cuff is quite scary especially to speakers and presenters who are just starting out and not yet used to this kind of situation. Let’s say you’re asked to give an impromptu speech by your boss about something that you or your department has been doing for some time. What do you do? All of a sudden your mind goes blank, you start sweating and all you can think of is you want the floor to swallow you. I know this is a bit extreme but it does happen, even to the best of us. So what do you do?

Below are simple things you can incorporate in your practice so that giving impromptu speeches will no longer be scary for you.

  1. Change the way you think about speaking off the cuff
  2. Start with a pause
  3. Trust yourself and turn off your internal critic
  4. Use a simple framework to organise your thoughts

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How to Keep Your Audience’s Attention when Presenting Propositions

value-proposition-sign-business-directional-arrow-blue-sky-cloudscape-background-34627229Being able to explain well the benefits of your proposition when you present is essential to making a sales or persuading your audience to take action. You do this by supporting each benefit with data and other information.

But as you go on and on, clicking from one slide to the next, you might lose your audience’s attention along the way.

Is there a way to keep your audience’s attention as you continue expanding on your points when presenting your proposition? The answer is yes. It’s actually as simple as presenting all  the benefits on one slide  and then show it again towards the end of your presentation.

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How to Master Great Storytelling

enjoying-forbidden-knowledge-20799903There are three important lessons to learn in order to master great storytelling. Here they are:

1. No story from your life is as interesting to others as it is to you. So if you want to tell a story from your life, then you have to be concise about it. Pick the details you want and make sure you just focus on the turning points.

2.  A great story must have conflict; a personal story must show you in an honest – and probably less than flattering – light. Show humanity when telling your story, it’s more enchanting that way.

3. A great story involves a turning point. A story that has a character subjected to pressure and changing as a result of that pressure is very interesting.

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How to Use a Remote for Your Presentation

remote-control-29460899Do you know how to start playing a video while using a remote when presenting?

For instance, there’s a video that must be played during your presentation but you want it done after a certain slide is displayed. This will serve as an explanation and a validation of a point on your slide. How do you do this?

Moreover, you have  a remote so you can click it and avoid walking over to your laptop just to play a video. This remote will have you click a ceryain slide but not a particular object on it. How do you do this?

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How to Change the Vertical Alignment of your Presentations?

powerpoint-presentation-28968585Typically, the themes in PowerPoint are usually either horizontally aligned (left, center or right) or vertically aligned between the top and the bottom of a text placeholder. But if you want to make your PowerPoint presentations more polished and pleasing to the audience’s eyes, which way do you go?

One recommendation by Ellen Finkelstein is you top-align your slide titles. This way, the title always gets to start in the exact same place whether they take up just one line or two.

So how does one change the vertical alignment of the slides for the whole presentation? Well, don’t fret because it;s pretty easy. You don’t have to do it one slide at a time. You can change the whole thing all at once at the Slide Master.

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