How to Make Great Webinars

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Though live presentations are much better than those done on videos, you can still do something about it to make those webinars as closely to being lively and exciting as live ones. Below are things you can do to make your interactive video presentations or webinars interesting:

Bring your own enthusiasmBe as energetic as possible. Since you don’t have a live audience right in front of you to feed off your energy from, you need to give off just the right amount of excitement be able to motivate your audience.

Don’t sit on a slide too long – Don’t talk about a single slide for a long time. It will just bore your audience.

Create some movementUse cheesy animations when and where appropriate.

Audio is a priorityUse high quality microphones that deliver high quality audio. Audio is of utmost importance when doing webinars, even more so important than the quality of the video.

Practice your timingRehearse well and keep a timer.

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No-No’s During a Webinar

webinar-word-cloud-laptop-web-seminar-screen-cup-coffee-42581598When conducting webinars, keep in mind that you have to follow similar principles as when you are giving presentations or talks in person. Below are three things that you should avoid in order to consider your webinar a success.

1. Forget to have a structure – Make sure you grab your audience’s attention as you would when you’re doing this live in front of people. You can do this by sharing an outstanding fact, giving an unusual statistic, anything that can grab and hold their attention.

2. Do bad things with Powerpoint – Just because your audience can’t see you, you’d then resort to using a ton of PowerPoint slides. Remember, quality is better than quantity.

3. Forget to use your voice – This is the only thing left that you have control over when doing webinars. They can’t see you, they can’t touch you but they can hear your voice so use it well to pique their interest and hold their attention.

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8 Steps to Make Your Webinars Interactive

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The following tips are from Brenda Bence, who is a corporate branding and personal branding expert.

1. Sign in – by letting your participants sign in, they will get a feel of the room just like how it happens in a real live seminar.

2. Ground rules – by asking your participants to set up the ground rules (like no cellphones, ask questions at the end of every session, listen, focus, etc.), you’ve already started making the webinar interactive.

3. Notification – letting them know that they will be called upon randomly to answer questions will keep them on their toes.

4. Executive presence – have a senior level executive there to answer questions and speak up every once in a  while  to make participants listen and participate more

5. Prizes – by offering prizes, participants will feel more lively and engaged in the discussion

6. Experience – there is so much we can do with technology now. People are no longer limited to listening only during webinars. You can do so much more like: writing on whiteboards, showing videos, conducting a survey or a poll, drawing arrows, etc.

7. Webcam – when telling a story, it’s best to turn the camera on you so they get to see your expression just like when they’re watching you in person.

8. Feedback – just like in a live seminar, it’s always best to ask for feedback at the end of the session.

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How to Have an Interactive Webinar

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Have you done any live webinars before? ow was it? Was it interactive enough? Of did you just end up talking while your participants just listened from wherever they were in the world?

As a presenter, you can benefit a lot more from the webinars you host by making them interactive. How do you do this? Below are a few tips:

  1. Sign in: Aside from letting your participants sign in on an online sheet, have them state how they are feeling about attending your webinar. This way, you get to have a feel of the vibe of your audience and you can then tailor-fit your presentation to the general vibe of the group.
  2. Notification: You can let your participants know that you will be asking questions and randomly to answer a question. This will keep them on their toes.
  3. Prizes: By giving prizes, you encourage meaningful participation from your audience. This can be a free eBook, a gift certificate or whatever you think will be good for the participants.

These are just three things you can do to make your webinar interactive. Find out more tips by going to this link: Make your webinars super interactive

What Not To Do During Webinars

webiners-betaOne of the most powerful tools for long distance communication between a guru/teacher/speaker and its audience is a webinar. The numerous possibilities for marketing, meeting from afar as well as training people have been opened and if you haven’t been joining this bandwagon yet, then it’s about time you do.

But of course, the effectiveness of these webinars will only be achieved when done right. How are webinars done right?

Ellen Finkelstein wrote an article explaining the 8 deadly sins of webinars and how to avoid them. Here’s the summarized version:

1. Reading the slides

2. Staying on the same slide for more than 2 minutes

3. Using animation improperly – too much or too little

4. Not using interactive features

5. Using PowerPoint like a word processor

6. Talking in a monotone

7. Not knowing the webinar software!

8.  Not providing follow-up

To find out more about this, please head to this awesome article by Ellen Finkelstein: Avoid the 8 deadly sins of webinars by @EFinkelstein


Webinars as Presentation Venues

webinar-laptops-around-word-14679028If you’re a public presenter or speaker, it is not only on live speaking engagements that you can share your knowledge and speak in front of an audience. You can do so online through webinars too. It is a good venue to practice your presentation and speaking skills as well as a great medium to convey your message whether you’re advocating something or selling a product or service.

But first things first. You have to know the basics of this latest trend we call webinars or seminars done online.

On Ellen Finkelstein’s post, you will find out:

  • What a webinar is
  • How webinars work
  • How webinars are different from live speaking & training
  • Why you might want to use them
  • How they’re changing now

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