Current Trends in Presentation Design

infographic-elements-set-vector-design-elements-flat-style-business-presentation-booklet-web-site-projects-other-46241793Trending designs for presentation use come and go. How do we know which ones will stick and stay? But before that, what are the presentation designs trending today?

  1. Infographics – one that clarifies and explains; easy to understand and concise. If you do infographics, make sure you do them well. Otherwise, make do without and just make your presentation simple.
  2. Flat Design – this design is new and considered modern. Because it’s “flat”, it is easier to make. You can combine making these with realistic designs in order to have a more interesting presentation.
  3. Photographs – when photos are used, text is usually minimal or even non-existent. This makes the audience turn their attention to what the speaker is saying and the photo helps them visualize the presenter’s ideas.
  4. Visual Metaphors – these are used to help audience understand difficult concepts.

With these things in mind, which presentation design do you think will last?

Find out more about this by heading to this link: Presentation design trends

Public Speaking Trends

customers-busy-coffee-shop-relaxing-36599224We live in modern times and everything keeps changing including trends in public speaking. Below are some things you need to remember if you want your audience to connect to you and keep them engaged the whole time you’re speaking or giving your presentation.

  1. Presentations are becoming casual. From what presenters wear to the venue of the talk, things are getting more casual these days when it comes to presentations. This makes the speaker more accessible to the audience. So instead of doing your presentation in an auditorium, perhaps, you can do it in a coffee shop instead.
  2. Audience members want to participate. So let them. Ask them questions, let them tweet about your talk, do live polls, etc.
  3. Present webinars. This allows you to talk to a broader range of audience from all over the world. It’s budget-friendly too. 
  4. Can the formal presentation slides. Casual is also meant for your slides. Use an informal teacher-like approach. Use digital whiteboards and draw pictures to keep your audience’s interest.

So be sure to remember these things to keep yourself abreast with the trends. For more information, please head to: Trends in public speaking