How to Use Textured Background in PowerPoint

metal-grid-texture-small-wholes-pattern-shapes-36060593Artistic Effects is a tool used in PowerPoint starting with 2010 which helps convert shapes to images then later apply effects to those images to create a textured background effect making your slides look more interesting and engaging. For instance, you can do three things:

  • You can change color
  • You can soften
  • You can lighten or darken

To do this, check out this link: Create a quick texture background

Speaking of changing colors, you can use black & white textured background images for infinite flexibilityA beautiful background is one that isn’t too striking. After all, the focus of your audience should still be on the content. The background should just add interest to the overall look of your presentation. Having a black & white texture can offer you much flexibility.

To find out more about this, head to:  Use black & white textured background images for infinite flexibility