We Need a New Kind of Presentation

In today’s world where there isn’t much distinction anymore between the virtual world and the real world, and where social media and digital devices have become ubiquitous, the landscape of doing presentations have definitely changed.  Our audiences are changing and if presenters and speakers don’t adapt to the way audiences absorb and communicate information,  these presenters may just be extinct.

Ellen Finkelstein asked us in her blog post, is the presentation dead? She tells us about the “new species of learner that we call the ‘Social Cyborg.” Who are they? They are usually the young ones who live and breathe social networks and information technology in their everyday lives. The way they function, learn, solve problems are way different from those of the older generations.  By knowing how they function as a new breed of homo sapiens, presenters and speakers can tap into this well of information and use that to enhance the way presentations are given.

Head to Ellen Finkelstein’s blog for more information: Is the Presentation Dead?