How to Format Headshots for Presentations

powerpoint-tips-format-head-shots-1When you format multiple headshots to be used in presentations, it is important that you format them in a consistent manner. This is usually done when you ask for the headshots of several people from your company, your department or your organization.

It is but natural that they’d submit headshots of various sizes and formats. When you present them in a slide, it will look better if the headshots will look consistent.

It is not enough that you resize the photos to make them the same size but you will have to crop them in such a way that it will show the same kind of look — same amount of body, head and shoulders.

To find out more how to do this on a  step-by-step process, please head to this link: Format multiple headshots for consistency



New Presentation Rules to Follow

know-rules-29282903There are now new rules to follow in presentations if you want to have beautifully designed slides with not a yawn in sight.

1. No More Bullets – They’re not good for your slide design, they don’t give any impact and they just clutter the overall look of your slides.

2. Longer Decks, Trust Us – This does not mean more content though. It just means you are stretching the content of your slides to emphasize more space.

3. Templates Are Out – You can be bold by using a bold background photo and attractive text.

4.  Storytelling Is In – When you tell a story, you activate that part of your audience’s brain that deals with emotions and memories. Your message will be more understood and remembered.

5. Don’t Apologize – Need I say more?

For more insights regarding this important matter, please head to this post: 5 New Rules for Presentations

How to Create Beautiful Images on Your Slides

stack-photos-film-blank-34130269Images are very important on presentations. They catch the attention of the audience and help keep them engaged. However, not all images have this kind of effect. But if you use image treatments and know what kind of image treatment to use, then your chance of creating a wonderful and engaging presentation increases. Here are ways to make your images beautiful:

1. 3-side Rule – This is when an image touches at least 3 sides of a slide.

2. Isolated Image – This is using an image with similar background as the slide.

3. Snapshot Treatment – This is when you need to include several images on a particular slide

4. Images in SmartArt – This is when you use small images on SmartArt diagrams.

These are just some of the most captivating image treatments best used on slides. To know more about them, please head to: A complete repertoire of image treatments



7 Ways to Improve Your Slides

meeting-room-screen-1752362When making PowerPoint slides, there are things you can do to help improve them and make them easier for you to do and more interesting for your audience to watch. Here are seven of them:

1. Ditch the text boxes!

2. Change the text setting.

3. Use SmartArt.

4.Use the Notes pane.

5. Make each slide title work hard!

6. Don’t needlessly capitalize words.

7. Think, what picture would make this clearer or more memorable?

For more details about this, just head to this link: 7 quick fixes to your slides based on my experience with clients


3 Positive Changes You Can Do to Your Presentations

make-change-hand-writing-red-marker-transparent-wipe-board-30670561Sometimes, in order to help improve the quality of presentations being done inside corporate offices, there are steps one must do to lead certain changes in an organization. These changes are:

Step 1: Remind yourself and others of the financial impact of poor presentations 

By giving monetary value to the presentations employees and executives do, they would be more motivated to make these presentations better.

Step 2: Start small 

Don’t do all the changes on all slides all at once. Start with one key message on the most important slide.

Step 3: Listen to feedback to build support for the changes

Always ask your audience for feedback. Did they like how you made your slides? Was your presentation a lot more engaging this time? Take note of the feedback and act accordingly.

For more information about this, please head to: 3 Steps to Lead Presentation Change in 2014

How to Get People Images for Your Presentation

peopleWhen making presentations, there are times when you need images of people to complete your slide or the story you are conveying to your audience. Below are four useful places where you can get these people images for your presentation:

Take your own photos – Whether you’re in the office or at home, you’ll always find people you can photograph. Ask them nicely and when they oblige, let them fix themselves up first.

Use silhouettes – PowerPoint has an image gallery for this. Use the photos there to show diversity.

Create icons – There are ways to do this in PowerPoint. Read this blog post to learn how: Create iconic people in PowerPoint

Buy photos – There are numerous sites online that sell photos you can use for your presentation if you have a budget. Try out

For more insight on how to go about getting people images for your presentation, please head to: 4 ways to get the right people images

Presentation Design: Hiding Background Graphics on PowerPoint

powerpoint-tips-hide-background-graphics-1-1024x205When using PowerPoint, if the graphic you want to hide is on the slide master, then hiding this background graphic design is possible. You just have to follow these two simple steps:

  1. On any slide, right-click and choose Format Background.
  2. In the Format Background dialog box or task pane, check the Hide Background Graphics check box.

By doing this, you can get rid of awkward looking graphics especially those at the edge of the slide.

To find out more about this, please head to: Hide background graphics for design flexibility