Presentation Lessons from Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey, Jr. is one of my favorite actors. I loved him in Iron Man and I loved him here in Sherlock Holmes. Whether you’ve watched this film yet or not, there are a few things we can all learn from this movie in terms of presentations and public speaking:

Be aware of your surroundings – As Sherlock is super aware of everything happening around him, so should you be aware of how your audience is reacting to your speech or presentation. Are they bored? Captivated? Interested? Tune in to what’s happening around you so you can immediately adapt to the needs of the moment.

Actions speak louder than words  – Remember when I shared with you before how non-verbal language is very important in communication?  Holmes almost seems like a psychic because of his deductive reasoning powers. Be wary of your and your audience’s body language. What you don’t say most of the time can mean more than the words you speak.

Take chances – Holmes is a big fan of his instincts and hunches. He takes chances and you should too! You’ll never know what’s really out there for you unless you take that first step.

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