Use PowerPoint in Creating Quizzes

quiz-word-red-d-letters-to-illustrate-exam-evaluation-assessment-to-measure-your-knowledge-expertise-44060147One way to create quizzes is to use PowerPoint. This is done with the use of hyperlinks. It’s pretty simple and easy. You don’t need any programming and you also can’t grade it. What happens is that the quiz taker will take it in Slide Show view and when the wrong answer is chosen, the taker will just go back to the question. But when the right answer is chosen, the taker hen goes to the next question.

Here are the basic steps that you’d need to take:

  1. Create the slides.
  2. Create the hyperlinks.
  3. Disallow clicking to the next slide. 

To find out the details on how to do this, please head to this link: Create a quiz in PowerPoint