Wanna Make Interactive Online Lessons? Try PowerPoint Mix!

yes-i-interactive-badge-name-tag-group-participation-words-to-illustrate-someone-who-works-together-participates-39347022Microsoft PowerPoint has a new add-on that is still in beta called PowerPoint Mix. It is a tool used to create interactive online lessons and below are the basic processes which are simple to follow:

  1. Use PowerPoint Mix for creating slides and recording video and audio.
  2. Use PowerPoint Mix for adding quizzes.
  3. Use PowerPoint Mix for uploading the final result to the Mix website and for sharing it with anyone (e.g. your students).
  4. Use PowerPoint Mix for getting statistics about the quiz scores and who viewed the Mix.

To find out how to do all this, please head to: Discover PowerPoint Mix for interactive online lessons