Train and Teach When Presenting

school-teacher-logo-26558652Do you train people? The you must know that training involves persuasion. When we train people, we sway them into whatever it is we are trying to sell or advocate. The opposite is also true. Persuasion also trains and therefore teaches. Why is this so?

Isn’t it that when we sell something, be it a product, a service or a belief, we tell our market the benefits they will get from buying it. Or if we are proposing something and we want the approval of your boss or client, we need to tell them its value. So this means that when presenting what we have to them, we also teach and train them.

To give you a better idea about this concept, please head to this link: Presenting = Communicating = Training



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4 Keys to Persuading Your Audience

Remember this acronym: C.A.R.E. These letters stand for CredibilityActionReason, and Empathy. These are the four things you will need if you want to persuade your audience to do something or not do something or compel them to do whatever it is that you are advocating, selling or teaching.

Credibility – Without it, your audience won’t even listen to a word you’re saying.

Action – Be clear about what action you want done and ask your audience to do it.

Reason – Provide a good enough reason that will resonate with the values of your audience so that they’ll be compelled to take action.

Empathy – Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Understand their reasons and show respect for them, and then metaphorically put your arm around their shoulder as you gently guide them to taking your desired action.

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