Grow Your Brand: Tips for Speakers

personal-brand-wood-type-isolated-text-mixed-letterpress-printing-blocks-31016445As professional speakers, it is important that you grow your personal brand. Social media can help you in this aspect. Through the utilization of various social media accounts, you can convey your message to your target market and meet like-minded people as well.

Below are three things you can do to help grow your brand as a professional speaker:

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Blog – Find time to schedule blog posts about topics related to your niche and what your target audience care about.
  2. YouTube Marketing – You can upload one of your talks on Youtube, embed it on your blog and share it on your social media sites.
  3. Podcasts – Upload an audio recording of one of your speeches. This is a nice way of displaying both your knowledge and expertise.

By being consistent with the scheduling and posting of your content, you will come to know your audience better. Interact with them and be more social. Engage with your audience.

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