How to Rotate Objects in PowerPoint

rotation-arrows-vector-drawing-represents-design-39279669Do you know how to make simple object rotations in PowerPoint? It’s actually very easy.

Just use the object’s rotation handle around its middle to drag an object where you want it to go. Once you’re satisfied with how the object looks, then just release the mouse button and that’s it!

You might ask:

  • How about if I need a common angle?
  • What if I need a specific uncommon angle?
  • What if I need to get the exact angles?

You can find out more about how to do these things in PowerPoint by going to this link: Rotate objects precisely

How to Customize Objects for Presentations

powerpoint-tips-customized-slide-objects-1When presenting, do you use objects on your slides? Are you able to portray the image you want using custom objects? Presenters or PowerPoint users oftentimes use custom objects to make their slides more interesting. It gives more meaning to the whole presentation and makes it more engaging for the audience.

When you use objects on your slides, you can customize them to the extreme using these two ways:

1. By combining shapes – you add two objects together
2. By using Bézier curves – so you can make them look like anything you want

Typically, you make custom shapes to show exactly what you want your audience to see. To know more on how to do this, you can see examples as well as the steps on how to go about it on this post: Customize slide objects to the extreme