The Importance of NonVerbal Communication

Being able to communicate well is not just about verbal communication. Non-verbal communication plays a big part too…. actually, a much bigger part. In fact, in NLP or neuro-linguistic programming,  people are taught how to read non-verbal cues as well as how to appropriately give corresponding non-verbal reactions so you can get what you want. If you can master this type of skill, as presenters, you will most likely succeed in getting your audience’s attention and participation which could translate to profit for your business later on.

Fred Miller, in his blog post, Remember: NonVerbal Communication Trumps. . ., says that non-verbal reactions carry more weight than words. Just imagine a speaker saying how excited he is to be talking in front of people, yet he or she doesn’t smile, yawns, and looks pretty bored. Of course the audience will notice this and will end up not listening to the speaker at all.

So the next time you present, be aware of the non-verbal cues you’re exhibiting. Believe in your presentation and act it out well. Use non-verbal cues to convey positive emotions to your audience. Make eye contact, smile when necessary, make hand gestures, move around the stage, and so on, and so forth.

Learn from Fred Miller and see how NonVerbal Communication Trumps Verbal Communication.