Presentation Lessons in Motivation

I came across these 12 presentation lessons you can teach yourself or your team when presenting and I thought of sharing them here.

  1. Passion – This will show if you first and foremost believe with what you’re saying.
  2. Story – What story do you want to tell? It can be short or long but what matters more is that it be riveting and captivating.
  3. Message – What is the ultimate message that you want to convey? What is your mission/vision?
  4.  Audience – Know your audience well so you would know how to treat them. Adjust to them and not the other way around.
  5. Strategic Pause – Pausing is good to allow you to breathe and to allow your audience to digest what you’re saying.
  6. Presence/Poise – Always be aware of this since you ar the one on the spotlight.
  7. Rhetorical devices – You can begin with imagery, then you use  analogy, then repetition and just keep going.
  8. Personalization – Insert a little bit of your personal experiences in there to make you more accessible to your audience.
  9. Tone/Intonation/Rhythm/Pitch Variety – This will make your presentation/speech more lively.
  10. Call to Action – A speech is nothing without it.
  11. Body Language – Haven’t I just shared with you the importance of non-verbal communication?
  12. Movement – The more active you are on stage, the more active the participation of your audience will be too.

These lessons are vital to the success of your speech or presentation. Use them well and see how successful your presentations will turn out to be.

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