Flipping a Meeting

upside-down-photo-beautiful-young-woman-looking-surprised-30274411The idea of flipping a meeting came from Ellen Finkelstein when she mentioned it during the Presentation Summit after hearing the SVP of Strategic Services at Duarte, Patti Sanchez, talk about slidedocs, which are slides that are used as short documents which can be used for reading before an actual meeting takes place.

Having a flipped meeting is all about distributing materials before a meeting takes place. These materials could be slide documents, notes, results of a research, etc. that attendees of a meeting will have to read and go over, analyze and understand so that during the meeting itself, they will just have to discuss it more, answer questions that may arise and make decisions from there.

By doing this, meeting time is reduced, the attendees can focus on the more important stuff and more relevant decisions can be made.

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