4 Tips for an Awesome Low Tech Presentation

1336421354d9bvzn (1)Most, if not all presenters nowadays are into high tech presentations. But even if you go the other way and go low tech, you can still make a good impression to your audience. Here are 4 tips:

  1. Test your tripod. This will be for the flip chart that you’ll be using. So make sure it’s sturdy.
  2. Plan to use more than one color. Differentiate the color of the the pen you use for action items, for bullet points, etc. But be consistent with it to make it easy on the eyes.
  3. Practice tearing off pages and taping them to the wall. You’ll be more efficient if you have strips of masking tape all ready to use.
  4. Write large and legibly. The goal is for everyone in the room to be able to read your writing.

So basically, even with just a flip chart, tape and some markers, you can still make your presentation meaningful.

To know more, please head to:  Be a low-tech presentation master