Five Levels of Audiences and Learners

audience-listening-to-presentation-conference-29051568These five types of audiences originally came from two types of learners: the prisoners and the vacationers. But since learning is also related to presentations and public speaking, then these five came to be. See which type of audience you usually have. It in turn reflects the kind of speaker you are:

Prisoners are level one. They came to your talk because they were forced to by their bosses or they didn’t have any choice.

The second kind of learner is the vacationer. They willingly came to listen to you because they see it as a time off from work.

At level three, people are there because they know the results that you bring to an organization. Your audience is interested in hearing what you have to say.

Level four is when you start to experience real influence. The audience is not only interested in what you have to say but they like and trust you too.

Level five is the ultimate of professional or public speaking. At this level, you are seen as an expert and may even hold a little celebrity status.

So which kind of speaker or presenter are you and at what level does your audience usually belong?

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