How to be a presentation guru according to comedians

We’ve all heard and read stuff about how humor makes presentations and speeches a lot better and more engaging for the audience. It’s no wonder then why we can all learn from comedians on how to be experts in our field and hopefully become the presentation guru that we visualize ourselves to be.

Below are eleven (11) tips we can learn from comedians on how to become a presentation guru.

1. Be Natural.

2. Let It Flow.

3. Have a Story.

4. Make Your Material Relatable.

5. Have a Presence.

6. Share Your Point-of-view.

7. Be Genuine.

8. Mind Your Delivery.

9. Timing is Important.

10. Move Around.

11. Commit.

Find out more about these tips at:  Steal these 11 tips from comedians to be a presentation GURU