Extreme Shapes in PowerPoint

I’ve blogged about How to Customize Objects for Presentations before. On this post, I’d like to share an object that has been customized to the extreme. It’s one of the winners of the Extreme Shapes Contest on Ellen Finkelstein’s Blog.

powerpoint-tips-extreme-shapes-contest-3The winner, Lori Weisberger, said:

“I have attached one slide from a presentation I did for a training class.  I made most of it…I think the meat, service bell, trash can, and store logo/signs are the only graphics I didn’t design using PowerPoint shapes.  I work for an independent grocery store chain in NW Ohio.  I mimicked the meat department in one of our stores.”

You can head over to the original post so you can take a look at other objects that have been customized to the extreme. You may find them useful for your PowerPoint presentations: Results of Extreme Shapes Contest