Ellen Finkelstein’s Smart Talk Podcast with Lisa B. Marshall About PowerPoint and Presentations

ad-training-square-240x240Ellen Finkelstein recently had an interesting conversation with Lisa B. Marshall where she talked about PowerPoint and presentations. In particular, they talked about presentation designs, trends and questions people would usually ask her like:

– how to not put everything on a slide
– where to get good, free images
– how to not read your slides
– techniques on how to engage the audience especially during webinars
– how to use feedback to move your presentations forward
– the difference between live presentations and online presentations

Lisa B. Marshall also mentioned one of Ellen’s e-books called The Lost Art of Persuasion. Here, she further probed into the 3 mistakes most presenters make when trying to persuade an audience.

During the course of the conversation, a compare and contrast was also made between the use of Tell n’ Show instead of Show n’ Tell and what that means. Furthermore, a distinction was made between the use of photos and ClipArt.

Before the talk ended, a very important question was asked by Lisa: When is it good not to be using PowerPoint to which Ellen gave a very insightful answer.

If you’re a speaker or a presenter, I encourage you to listen to Ellen’s Smart Talk podcast. Here’s the link: http://t.co/OzDRFvbtYp


How to Change the Vertical Alignment of your Presentations?

powerpoint-presentation-28968585Typically, the themes in PowerPoint are usually either horizontally aligned (left, center or right) or vertically aligned between the top and the bottom of a text placeholder. But if you want to make your PowerPoint presentations more polished and pleasing to the audience’s eyes, which way do you go?

One recommendation by Ellen Finkelstein is you top-align your slide titles. This way, the title always gets to start in the exact same place whether they take up just one line or two.

So how does one change the vertical alignment of the slides for the whole presentation? Well, don’t fret because it;s pretty easy. You don’t have to do it one slide at a time. You can change the whole thing all at once at the Slide Master.

Please go to this link for the instructions: How to top or bottom align slide titles

Free PowerPoint Webinar by Ellen Finkelstein

ELLEN PHOTOOn August 14, Wednesday at 11am PT / 2pm ET, PowerPoint expert Ellen Finkelstein will be conducting a FREE webinar: High-Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Secrets.

On this webinar she’ll show you easy-to-use techniques to turn your live or web presentations into high-persuasion powerhouses. This will help you gain opportunities and sales for your work or business!

During this webinar, presented by PowerPoint expert Ellen Finkelstein, you’ll see WITH YOUR OWN EYES:

  • Why you shouldn’t put what you say on your slides – contrary to what you see all the time!
  • Why images are much more persuasive than text
  • How to use powerful images to persuade your audiences
  • The 3 PowerPoint problems that most presenters make and how to easily solve them
  • How to tap into your audience’s emotions so they will make the decision to buy, approve, or accept your message

Marketers have used these techniques in the past and have increased their conversion rate from 50% to 70% after applying these secrets!

So register now by going to this link: http://www.ellenfinkelstein.com/pptblog/high-persuasion-powerpoint-presentation-secrets/

The webinar is for FREE! Mark your calendar:

Date: Wednesday, August 14th

Time: 11am PT / 2pm ET


First Session of Outstanding Presentations – What I learned from Dr. Carmen Taran

For those who were not able to join the first session of Ellen Finkelstein’s Outstanding Presentations Workshop, well don’t fret. A recording will be sent to those who registered. Anyway, like Ellen, there were two things that Dr. Carmen Taran said which made me pause for a while and think to myself  “Oh yeah… she’s absolutely right!”  What am I saying here? Well, during the webinar, she demonstrated how we can make thought-provoking presentations by avoiding stereotypical photos or words.  For instance, on my blog alone, I’ve been using photos which seem to be the stereotype of what I’m blogging about. When making big presentations especially for life-changing businesses, we should try to use unusual photos that can elicit emotions and draw out creative ideas among our audience.

Another thing that struck me the most was when Dr. Taran said that we should be focusing our energy on  “People first, presentations second.” So instead of putting too much emphasis on how beautiful our presentation is with the graphics and exotic terminologies, why not give attention to the audience first?

Next week, it’s gonna be Cliff Atkinson’s presentation! If you haven’t signed up yet, just go to www.OutstandingPresentationsWorkshop.com!