A Sample of Literal Death by Powerpoint

death-sitting-bench-isolated-vector-illustration-37620386Read this post which is in response to “Did PowerPoint Ruin GM?”

The most important thing here is what the GM Presenters said:

“The report details confusion among the engineers and executives over what was in the slides, which slides were presented and which were not.

“One engineer told Mr. Valukas he did present the slide. Three other executives at the meeting said they didn’t recall fatalities being discussed. Others who attended the meeting said they didn’t learn about the deaths until later.”

Remember: Poor communication is always the fault of the communicator.

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3 Tips to Making a Good PowerPoint Presentation

powerpoint-presentation-28968585A lot of stuff have already been written about how to eradicate death by PowerPoint but people still seem to keep following what everybody else is doing. Only a few ones have enough foresight to ask if there is a much better way of doing a PowerPoint presentation.

On this post, I’d like to remind you these 3 simple yet very useful tips you ought to follow if you are about to present in front of a live audience and is thinking of using PowerPoint as a tool.

Tip 1: Don’t start in PowerPoint. Your PowerPoint slides ought to be used as a tool to help you clarify your points during your presentation. It shouldn’t be the main event.

Tip 2: Don’t use bullet points. They’re boring and they don’t help with memory recall at all. Instead, focus on telling a good story.

Tip 3: Don’t put multiple ideas on one slide. There should only be one idea per slide. People will remember better that way.

For more information about this, please check out this post: How to make a good PowerPoint presentation

Death by PowerPoint by Alexei Kapterev

Death by PowerPoint

I came across this one while looking for interesting posts on PowerPoint presentation. This particular slideshare got more than a million hits! Check it out.