Office Clip Art Going Away Soon?

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????An announcement has recently been made at the the Microsoft Office blog that the Office Clip Art is going away soon. However, the post says that ““Customers can still add images to their documents, presentations, and other files that they have saved to their devices.”

You can check this out yourself through PowerPoint 2013. Ellen Finkelstein of the PowerPoint blog describes the steps as:

  • Choose Insert, Online Pictures.

  • In the Bing Image Search box, enter a keyword.

  • Click an image.  Note the size of the image, because some of them too small to put on a slide.

  • At the bottom, click the link to the source of the image.

  • Click Insert.

  • Go to your browser where the link opened and check it out.

For more information about this, please head to: Office Clip Art gallery is going away