Bad Habits to Avoid When Communicating

healthy-habits-office-notes-21588360Whether you are talking to a friend, a colleague or a group of people, these habits below should be avoided to ensure proper and good communication. These habits are:

1. Gossip
Though we are all guilty of this habit from time to time, it’s best to try to avoid it as much as possible. After all, don’t great minds discuss ideas while average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people? How do you want to be known as?

2. Judging
When you know you are being judged, it’s kind of hard to listen to that person judging you, right? So have an honest dialogue instead.

3. Negativity
Isn’t it hard to listen to someone who is a negative thinker and always sees the bad side of things? So be positive instead.

4. Complaining
Complaining is also similar to being negative. If you always complain, people won’t find you approachable.

5. Excuses
Instead of making excuses and blaming others, take responsibility for your own actions and failures.

6. Exaggeration 
Exaggeration is like lying. And lying is wrong.

7. Dogmatism
Don’t confuse facts with opinions.

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