How to Create Handouts from PowerPoint to Word

microsoft-office-name-logo-computer-screen-windows-44549021 (1)For heavy-duty meetings and presentations that require a lot of data to help the participants come up with a decision (e.g. market research meeting), they usually require handouts to be given out so participants of the meeting can further refer to the important additional data pertaining to the object of their meeting. Since most presentations are done using PowerPoint, and most handouts are printed from Word, here’s what you can do…

Below are the steps you can follow to create these much needed handouts from PowerPoint to Word: export your slides to Word.

  1. Create the slides. You can have text in the Notes pane, but that isn’t necessary.

    In PowerPoint 2013, choose File, Export, Create Handouts and then click Create Handouts. In 2010, choose File, Save & Send, Create Handouts. In 2007, choose Office button, Publish, Create Handouts in Microsoft Office Word.(Maybe you’re noticing that Microsoft changes its interface a lot!)

  2. In the Send to Microsoft Word dialog box, choose the Notes Below Slides option.

  3. Note that you have a choice to choose Paste or Paste Link. If you choose Paste, Microsoft embeds the entire presentation and the file can become quite large. If you have a lot of slides, choose Paste Link and be sure to keep the PowerPoint and Microsoft files in the same folder — you’ll also need both files if you need to move it to another computer.

  4. Click OK. Word opens. Wait until it brings in all of the slides — and notes, if any

To get more information about this, please head to this link: Create handouts for data-heavy decision meetings

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