How to Better Your Presentations – 10 Tips

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There are a lot of ways you can do to better your presentations. These ten tips below are from They sound really valuable and I thought it’s best to share these tips here:

(1) Turn off the computer. This way, you minimize distractions. Don’t rely on your computer for the outline of your presentation.

(2) Put the audience first. The story your telling your audience, in essence, is really their story. It should be what they need. Focus on that.

(3) Have a solid structure. It can be simple, it can be complicated. The point is it will help you build the narrative.

(4) Have a clear theme. Be clear about what you want to convey and what you want to stick to your audience.

(5) Remove the nonessential. Only use what is essential to the story.

These are just five tips. Read the rest here: 10 tips for improving your presentations & speeches



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