How to Turn Your Presentation Into a Conversation

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Isn’t it better when someone tells you “Let’s talk” rather than “I’m going to deliver a speech to you”. Which one will surely catch your interest? Isn’t it the former?

When a presentation is delivered like a conversation, your audience tends to get more interested and more engaged. They will feel like they are really with you rather than you there at the stage and the audience just sits there listening to you from a distance.

So how do can you transform your presentation into a conversation? Below are four (4) ways you can do this:

When you talk to your audience, use the word “you”. use that more often than I so it emphasizes that your message pertains to them and not you. Also, avoid addressing them collectively. Avoid phrases like “Does anybody have any question?” or “You guys”. This puts distance between you and your audience and won’t make it seem like a conversation at all.

Eye contact
When you talk, try to look at a single person in the eye and do this for each person whenever you can. This will make each person in your audience feel like you are personally conversing with them.

Ask them good rhetorical questions or invite them to ask you one by asking “Do you have a question?” Then make sure to address their concern.

It’s good to pause once in a while to give time to your audience to absorb the important points you have raised. This will allow them to internalize the discussion and be ready for the next part of your conversation.

By doing these things, your presentation will feel more like a conversation. It would become more engaging and less threatening for your audience.

To learn more about this, please go to: SP Tip # 78: Four Ways to Transform Your Presentation into a Conversation

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