Integrity is not a rare commodity

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Integrity, like honestly, can seem like a rare commodity to come by. But it still does exist and when it does, it should be lauded and emulated. Standing by one’s principles brings so much more good things in one’s life, even in business.

Let’s make an example out of Ellen Finkelstein’s story about her dad especially her experience with a product she purchased but failed to inspire much integrity:

“…They included creating “fake” Google accounts, including making up a name and choosing a profile picture from the Internet. It recommended deleting cookies in your browser before changing from one account to another so that Google didn’t know you had multiple accounts.”

What happened after was that Ellen asked for a refund of that product.

In know that business is nothing when you don’t make money out of it. But that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to do shady business while you’re at it. It’ still good to be honest and to do what is right. You will soon reap its rewards and the rewards are going to be ten-fold.

Find out what happened to the rest of Ellen’s story here: Speaking with integrity

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