Points to Consider When Presenting

business-woman-presenting-copyspace-isolated-white-background-37924053Below are things you have to consider when presenting. When you apply them, they will surely help improve your presentation delivery.

  1. Lights: Keep them on so that you can see your audience and they can see you well.
  2. Don’t read: Simply don’t do it. It would make you seem like you’re not ready to present.
  3. Interact: Act as if you are conversing with your audience.
  4. No lectern: It is better to stand on a stage without a podium.
  5. Eye contact: Make eye contact with your audience while you’re speaking.

These are just five tips. There’s more! Head over to this link to learn about these excellent tips: Presentation delivery tips for the greatest impact

About presenternews
I write about presentation skills and provide news from the presentation skills blogosphere.

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