Mind Your Presentation Posture. Here’s How:

merry-muscular-blonde-posing-lotus-posture-gray-background-36858673Having a good posture while presenting is very important. It shows that you are well-versed with what you’re conveying to your audience, you are engaged, interested with what’s going on and and alert about the things happening around you while you speak.

Below are tips you can use to make sure that the next time you speak in front of an audience, you will already have the proper posture:


#1 Consult a Wall

Stand a against a wall to know what it feels like to have proper posture.


#2 Distribute Weight Evenly on Your Foot


SThis way, you won’t be experiencing any back aches and other posture problems.


#3 Fill Your Belly


Proper breathing must be practiced.


#4 The Right Shoes for the Job


Avoid footwear that alter your natural stance.


#5 Take a Picture



Look at photos of you while presenting and see how your posture is like.


#6 Shoulder Roll


By rolling your shoulders up and backwards, you will help yourself practice proper posturing.

#7 The Ol’ Book


Us ethe “old book on your head” routine for balance and correct posture. To know more about this, please head to:  7 Tips for Better Presentation Posture


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