Set the Exact Position of an Object in PowerPoint

ruler-to-measure-to-know-18665805To those using PowerPoint slides in their presentation, do you know how to precisely specify the position of an image or object? Maybe you’d say that it is easy because usually, it is. But it is only easy when you know where to find the settings.

Most of the time, PowerPoint users would want to specify the position of an image so that images on adjacent slides would be in the same place and it won’t look like you are jumping from slide to slide. There will be uniformity in the slides and the entire presentation would look flawless. 

There are two usual solutions on how to do this:

1. Copy and Paste

2. Use a Ruler

However, there is a third and best solution for this which is to:

3. Specify the Exact Position

By doing so, you can now match the exact positions of two objects or easily set the position of 1 object.

To know more about how to do this, please head to: How to specify the position of an image or object on a PowerPoint slide–precisely


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