How to Be Aware of Time During a PowerPoint Presentation

eight-o-clock-16196779For presenters who use PowerPoint and would like to keep track of their time, it’s not enough that there is a clock on the wall or that he or she is wearing a watch. What if the clock is behind you as the presenter or what if it gets too distracting to be looking at your watch every few minutes? This won’t look good in front of your audience at all. It would seem like you’re rushing through your presentation.

So what do you do?

Ellen Finkelstein recommends showing the time on your PowerPoint slides. In her post, Show the current time on your PowerPoint, she shares a video on how this is done.

There are some pros and cons to doing this and you would have to judge for yourself if this is helpful for you over all. Head to that post now and start applying this on your presentation.

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