How to Start a Speech the Right Way

grand-opening-banner-10540289Your opening line must be able to immediately grab your audience’s attention. Set aside the usual “My name is ________ and I’m here to talk about __________” kind of opening speech. This will surely bore your audience without fail.  There are a lot of ways one can deliver an opening with impact. Below are four of them:

1. Start with a quote. Of course you have to choose one that fits your topic and something that your audience can relate with. It helps if they know who the  quote is from.

2. Create a “what if” scenario. By painting a picture of possibilities, you immediately engage your audience. For example, say something like “What if I tell you that you can attain wealth beyond your wildest dreams?” A line similar to that will surely catch their attention and immediately engage them.

3. Use an “imagine” scenario. By letting your audience imagine something amazing happening to them, you immediately bring them into the presentation. This is similar to #2.

4. Ask a question – rhetorical or literal. By asking a question, the audience intuitively answers in their mind even if they are not required. This immediately brings them into the presentation as well.

For more insights about this matter, please head to: How to Engage Your Audience In Three Sentences or Less

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