3 Ways to Close a Speech with a Bang

close-up-end-vintage-book-13037813Closing your speech properly is as important as your opening remarks and delivering a thought-provoking body of presentation. You can’t just engage them during your storytelling and then end everything abruptly or with a bland one-liner thank you speech. The closing part is the last impression you will leave with your audience therefore it is important to make it count as well.

Below are tips on what you can do to make a killer closing for your presentation or speech.

1. A Direct Call to Action – The closing of your speech should be able to tell your audience what you would like for them to do next.

2. A Call to Vision – Create a mental vision of the future and motivate your audience to work towards it.

3. A Call to Question – Leave your audience with a rhetorical question that will make them think.


To get more insight on how to end your presentation or speech with a bang, head to this link: How To Close A Speech That Brings Your Audience To Their Feet 

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