Tips to Make Presentations More Appealing

funny-number-14924076When you make presentations with lots of numbers and tons of data, they usually make your audience go to sleep. So how can you make these kinds of presentations more exciting or at least less boring? Below are some awesome tips:

Spread the Spreadsheet 

This means giving each important data its own slide. This way, your audience is not overloaded with information on just one slide. Though this technique makes your presentation longer, it keeps your audience focused.

Have to Graph? You Have Options

If you really can’t help showing a spreadsheet of data, know that you have options. You can use unique styles to present the information (Refer to  Pareto DiagramDot PlotYe Olde Circle GraphScatterplots)

Visual Aid

Inserting a vivid image at the background will help cement that number data in your audience’s mind.


By giving a background story for instance to the excellent profits your company made this year will make those numbers more memorable for your audience.

By doing these things, number presentations become less boring and even more appealing.

For more insights on this matter, please check the following post: Make Presentation Data Less Boring


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