How to Create a Video Zoom Effect in PowerPoint

busy-people-zoom-effect-train-station-creative-32208573It is not only in MovieMaker that you can create this effect of zooming in a photo or series of photos, but you can apply this to images uploaded in PowerPoint as well! You can use this for your personal collection, for your company, an event, etc.  Here are the basic steps below:

  • Import, resize and place the images – You can insert the images one by one or use PowerPoint’s album feature. Then resize the image/images according to your specifications then place them on the slide.
  • Add animation – Use the Grow/Shrink animation.
  • Add transitions – The Fade transition is a good one.
  • Set slide timings – Set the slide timing in such a way that the whole presentation will run by itself.
  • Add music or narration – Having the appropriate music at the background will add to the overall feel of the slide.

To know all the details of each step, please head to this link: Create a video zoom effect from photos in PowerPoint


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