3 NLP Tips to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

deep-fear-businessman-21515111NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and below are three key concepts from this discipline that will help any public speaker, whether old or new, overcome his or her fear of public speaking:

Become Friends With The Part Of You That Is Scared – Instead of resisting that part of you that is scared, get to know it better. Why is it scared? Is it because it just wants to do a good job and deliver a perfect speech? Then work on it. Once you know why that part of you is scared, then you can start to relax with yourself.

Focus On What You Want – Whatever thoughts you repeat to yourself, your unconscious will eventually believe it. So focus only on good thoughts and what you want to achieve as a speaker.

Awareness Of Your Mission As A Speaker – When you know your purpose for delivering your message, your message will be more important than your fears. So focus on what your mission is instead of on the judgments of your audience.

To know more about this, please head to: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking


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One Response to 3 NLP Tips to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

  1. Red says:

    More here Engage – What NOT To Do When Presenting . Verity can help you be a great public speaker!

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