How to Create Beautiful Images on Your Slides

stack-photos-film-blank-34130269Images are very important on presentations. They catch the attention of the audience and help keep them engaged. However, not all images have this kind of effect. But if you use image treatments and know what kind of image treatment to use, then your chance of creating a wonderful and engaging presentation increases. Here are ways to make your images beautiful:

1. 3-side Rule – This is when an image touches at least 3 sides of a slide.

2. Isolated Image – This is using an image with similar background as the slide.

3. Snapshot Treatment – This is when you need to include several images on a particular slide

4. Images in SmartArt – This is when you use small images on SmartArt diagrams.

These are just some of the most captivating image treatments best used on slides. To know more about them, please head to: A complete repertoire of image treatments




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