Love Your Audience by Making Them Fall for You

heart-hands-28907416The season of love is not just for lovers. Even presenters can show their audience some love through the following tips:

  1.  Warm Up – by smiling, being friendly, creating rapport and making your audience feel welcome and comfortable.
  2. Start with a Hook. – Make your opening remarks catchy and attention grabbing rather than the usual “I want to talk to you about…”
  3. Make It About Them – I’ve mentioned it time and time again that presenting or public speaking is not about you (the speaker or presenter) but about your audience. So make it about them. Make it worth their while by telling and showing them the benefits they’ll get by attending your presentation. Match their level of energy. Be like them and they will like you in return.
  4. Find the Funny – Humor always makes people feel good and when they feel good they participate and engage themselves more. 
  5. Engage – Do this by telling your story, asking them questions and letting them participate.
  6. Build Anticipation – Do this by introducing a new idea to your audience but don’t give them all the answers just yet. It’s like teasing them. It will keep them on their toes.

For more insights on this matter, please go to this link: How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love With You


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