How to Use Transmedia to Engage the Audience

business-woman-making-presentation-notebook-27320225These days, speakers can use cross-media platforms to help increase the impact of their speeches, stories and presentations. Below are 7 ways speakers can leverage transmedia to make  their audience more engaged, this helping them grow:

1. Create a series of comics to help unfold the story of your main characters. You can put up on online comics series where your audience can keep learning by subscribing to it.

2. Develop an assessment based on your expert content.  You can generate a QR code that will take your audience to the assessment and include it in your printed materials to distribute during live presentations.

3. Create an animation or a scenario-based video to illustrate one of the main points in your presentation.

4. Use art, illustrations, and props to present your ideas.

5. Develop a blog series based on your expert content.

6. Design physical artifacts based on your presentation content, such as postcards, bookmarks, stickers, pins, and calendars with your quotes.

7. Collect brief opinions, testimonials or comments from your audience by using video-sharing applications, such as Instagram or Vine.

To know more about this, please head to: 7 ways speakers can use transmedia to grow and engage their audience


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