Business Presentation Mistakes

closeup-two-executives-conference-meeting-10180284Mistakes happen all the time. The same is true when presenting. Even executives are not spared from this. Here are some of the top mistakes most executives make when giving presentations:

  • Give a boring opening
  • Read the PowerPoint all the time
  • Never rehearse
  • Use logic only
  • Just share information

You can find out more of these presentation mistakes done by executives here: Top 10 Mistakes Most Executives Make in Business Presentations

Presentation Practice Tips

practice-makes-perfect-20586369It doesn’t matter whether the presentation you’ll do is big or small. Some of us still get stage fright and it really can be terrifying. But there are ways you can do to build your confidence and face that terrifying crowd.

Below are some of the things you can do when practicing for your presentation:

Get Physical 

Imagine that it’s already the actual time of your presentation. Manage your body language and move around the room.

Don’t Memorize

Understand what you want to convey so you will look credible and smart when presenting.

Use a Timer

This way, you can pace yourself well.


Experiment with the way you speak, your volume, pitch, tone and gesture to find out what’s comfortable for you and what will resonate well with your audience.

These are just some of the things you can do when practicing for your presentation. To know a few more tricks, please head to:  How to Practice for a Presentation