Gesturing Mistakes to Avoid When Presenting

business-gestures-27759836Everyone gestures including speakers and presenters. But how do you control your gestures in such a way that they work for you? Perhaps, by looking at gesturing mistakes presenters do, you’ll be more aware of your own gestures too and how you can work them to your advantage.

  • Gesture Mistake #1 – Don’t point at your audience!
  • Gesture Mistake #2 – Don’t script your gestures
  • Gesture Mistake #3 – Beware of gesturing too much
  • Gesture  Mistake #4  Don’t only use one hand to gesture
  • Gesture Mistake #5  – Don’t gesture at waist level or below
  • Gesture Mistake #6 – Don’t keep your elbows locked to your sides

What you can do to find out if you also commit the same gesturing mistakes is have someone record a video of you while you give a speech. This way, you can study what gestures you should avoid or try to improve.

To find out more about this, please head to: Effective Gestures for Better Presentations

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