3 Positive Changes You Can Do to Your Presentations

make-change-hand-writing-red-marker-transparent-wipe-board-30670561Sometimes, in order to help improve the quality of presentations being done inside corporate offices, there are steps one must do to lead certain changes in an organization. These changes are:

Step 1: Remind yourself and others of the financial impact of poor presentations 

By giving monetary value to the presentations employees and executives do, they would be more motivated to make these presentations better.

Step 2: Start small 

Don’t do all the changes on all slides all at once. Start with one key message on the most important slide.

Step 3: Listen to feedback to build support for the changes

Always ask your audience for feedback. Did they like how you made your slides? Was your presentation a lot more engaging this time? Take note of the feedback and act accordingly.

For more information about this, please head to: 3 Steps to Lead Presentation Change in 2014

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