Make Your Own Torn Edge Effect on PowerPoint

When doing PowerPoint presentations, you sometimes need to show just a part of an image. In some cases, the image may be too big to fit the screen and making it smaller will lessen its clarity or perhaps, you just want your audience to focus on a certain tiny portion of the image.

So how do you show this in such a way that your audience will know that it’s just part of a bigger image? There should be a clue somehow, right? One thing you can do is to show the cut-off side as a torn edge. Expert presenters do this when doing webinars like this for example:


In order to know how to do this, head to this link: Create a torn edge effect–with video tutorial

On that blog post, PowerPoint MVP Ellen Finkelstein has a video tutorial to show you how it’s all done. Now you can make your own torn edge effect too!

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